O!my... Oat Milk Yogurt

O!my…! Simply Better

O!my is a company that loves simplicity. We really don’t do a huge amount of stuff. In fact, all we do is (Non-Dairy) drinkable Oat Milk Yogurt. Hence the name.

But, here’s the thing... by keeping it simple we get to focus on making O!my the very best Oat Milk Yogurt there is...

New York, in the first days of 2019, saw the beginnings of our journey. Wanting to move away from conventional yogurt we began the search for the perfect oat milk yogurt drink.

There was very little on the shelf, so our small (tiny) team of food thinkers began work to develop a pro biotic oat milk yogurt drink that was great tasting as well as being nourishing and healthy.

Trial. Error. Save an animal. Repeat. And finally…..success! Our uniquely delicious oat milk yogurt drink became a reality and O!my, Oat Milk Yogurt, was born.

Now all grown up and partnered with a NY production team, O!my is coming to a store near you.

O!my is a unique blend of oat milk, fruits and billions of live non-dairy cultures. An excellent source of fiber, O!my provides 34g of whole grains per 8oz serving.

Offered in a range of delicious flavors; strawberry, blueberry-vanilla, strawberry-banana, vanilla-bean, mango-passionfruit and pineapple-coconut. As well as natural for those who want to do their own thing!

An increasing number of people are choosing a plant-based diet; everyone has their own reasons for this, whether it's for health reasons, to reduce animal cruelty or to protect the environment.

O!my Simply is better:
For you, for the planet and for them